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Today's post is a small one, but a BIG one in my heart!!! Clients give me SO much!!! They give me my  PASSION! They allow me to take something that brings me crazy amounts of joy, endless amounts of creativity and most of all, MOTIVATION that makes me work harder to make this thing I love a dream and my job!!! So what can I do for them?!? Other than deliver a service, which hopefully includes amazing email response, funny little antics at sessions, and giggles along the way, along with photos that are cherished for a lifetime, I hope to create amazing friendships with my clients! So my present to my 2013 clients is just this! 

Something that will represent their new life TOGETHER!!! I've worked closely with Kate Moore Creative to create this stamp in hopes that it not only captures a new life, but also captures true love, friendship and the undeniable feeling that I have for clients. (All of this in an address stamp?? Really?, Apease me, please!)  I want to evoke a feeling of completeness and finality with this pretty awesome address stamp. :D

I hope you love my 2013 client gifts as much as I do...heck, they may still be my 2020 client gifts!!!

 "Life without Love is no Life at all" My favorite quote from my favorite movie, Ever After.
 Love these amazing stamps!!! Designed by Kate Moore Creative and made by Clancy Service Stamp Co. *shop local
Kayla F

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  1. Kayla this is a wonderful idea. Love Gammys chair.


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