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I was thrilled to meet up with Olivia and Jessica for their super cute and fun session!! Its February, cold, dreary and oh so windy, but hey, that doesn't mean that you can't have a crazy awesome session! Little Miss Olivia was what I needed in this down time! She was soooo insanely cute and fun and just so bubbly!! Her mom told me that the last time they had pictures taken, Olivia just sat their and gave a scoul the whole time! Well, that definitely didn't happen during out session! She was ready and WILLING to have her picture taken! We headed out to UT Arboretum for some fun! Luckily, this day was one of our few and far between sunny days! I think it actually got up to 57 degrees that day! :D Another photographer had shared with me a spot at the arboretum that I hadn't ever shot at before, so I knew that I would want to take Olivia there! Man! Am I so happy I did!!!! 

 We decided to pick wheat and help with! All Olivia's words! She's such a smarty!

 I can't get over this picture! I just love it!!!!

 She had just so much spunk! The wheat in her hair was totally her idea!
  We decided to end this super awesome session in one of my favorite areas of the park! I just let Olivia do her thing! She was seriously the cutest!
 I had such a blast with Olivia, Jessica and Eva! You guys were SO much fun and just what I needed!!
Kayla F

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