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I had the unbelievable pleasure of taking these oh-so-sweet pictures of Little Miss Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. I received an email from Lindsey, a few months ago and she was just gushing with excitement to meet her little girl! Newborn sessions are always interesting (in a good way)! There's always the waiting game. Sure, the mom is due at this time, but the little one may surprise us with his/her appearance or she may decide to take her time coming into the world. In Brooklyn's case, she came a tiny bit early, and on my busiest weekend of the year! But that didn't stop us! It allowed a routine to be set (which I always prefer) and for Brooklyn to be nice and comfy at home! The other fun part about newborns is you never know if you're going to have an active one, or a quiet sleepy one. Brooklyn was the definition of quiet and sleepy...and I like it! :D She was precious! She didn't mind my clicking or my oohing and aaahing, she just slept away! Take a look at the sweetness I was able to catch! 

There is something about a dad holding his baby that just gets me. I love this picture... immensely. 

Love her little features. She was just too precious! 

Ahhh, both of these. I can't stand how much I love them! 

Terry gave Lindsey the sweetest bracelet while she was in the hospital with Brooklyn. Like all mommas, Lindsay wasn't able to wear her wedding ring for the pictures, so I was tickled that she wore her bracelet. 
Someone was being silly at one point and was FIGHTING going back to sleep! But she eventually couldn't take it anymore and zonked out. Love this little girl! 

I love this last picture! Not only is this the sweetest family picture, but the VERY last picture I took is little Miss Brooklyn all tuckered out in her daddy's arms. Just love this! 
 To Terry, Lindsey and Brooklyn, you three are such a picture perfect family and I am honored that you brought me into your house to share in your little bundle! I hope you treasure these pictures (and maybe pull them out when her first boyfriend comes knocking on your door). 
Kayla F

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