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These two. Seriously. These two brightened my week during their session and then again when I was editing it! These two, Abby & Andrew, are perfect. They know how to hold eachother, Andrew knows the perfect time to kiss Abby (whether its an endearing kiss on the forehead, a sweet peck on the cheek or an eat your face with my beard kiss on the lips - you'll see what I mean later). They are amazing together. I had the HONOR of taking their engagement pictures and am ecstatic to be witness to their amazing wedding coming up at the beginning of June.
I honestly can't express the joy this session brought me. I don't want to talk about it too much...because you will see it in the pictures. However, I will let you know a little bit about the day. They wanted it to be like a date. Literally. Me tag along while they did things they normally do. Check...I'm yours! So we started off at Coffee & Chocolate downtown and then did a little people watching at Krutch Park. :D

 See what I mean about it being a date and me just taking pictures?!? Gah! I love it!
 A little bit of people watching...mixed in with some explanation of thPicard Maneuver

 We then decided to duck into Union Books for some fun!

And ended this amazing session down at World's Fair Park with a little game of catch and getting our toes wet. Love these!!!

 This is totally what I mean about Andrew's beard eating Abby's face. Lol! I cracked up!

Abby & Andrew...You know how much I loved you two and your session! June 9th can't get here fast enough! Its going to be crazy awesome! :D
Kayla F

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