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Barbara and Danny went out on a complete limb when they asked me to do their engagement session! Now, thankfully, they are friends with two of my FAVorite clients ever, Jessica and Justin (you may remember their insanely awesome Christmas Tree Farm session from back in December), and they recently became friends with Keely and Scott (because who wouldn't want to be friends with them)! Isn't the phrase "It's a small world" so incredibly true?! 
I fell in love with Barbara before I ever met her! She told me she was bringing peacoats...LOTS of peacoats! And when she said an ORANGE peacoat...I about died! The crazy thing is, Barbara and Danny are big ole University of Kansas fans, but they work here in Knoxville on campus. So like all transplants, they've fallen in love with the University of Tennessee too! I loved their outfits! Talk about being coordinating without being matchy! Perfect!!!! 

Danny and Barbara also decided to bring along their pooch Shadow! I love, love LOVE anytime couples bring along their puppers! I love me some puppers and had Diesel in our engagement photos too!
These three were troopers! Actually, all 5 of them were...Jessica and Justin tagged along to help out with Shadow and take care of him while I shot snaps of just Barbara and Danny, Lol! The rain started the night before and just continued all day long. I'm a lover of rain, it makes me giddy and I always think it smells SO good, plus it tends to bring along clouds...which are amazing for photos. But shooting in the rain presents some obstacles. However, Danny and Barbara totally rolled with me and did whatever I asked them to! Seriously, they get the trooper award! :D
I love LOVE these next two images! We happened to find this little location because we were trying to look for some shelter from the drizzle...and lo and behold, there was Neyland Stadium in the  background. I was giddy! 

 Isn't Shadow just the prettiest pupper ever?!?

 LOVE Shadow in this one! I see a canvas in someone's future! :D

Danny and Barbara, I had the BEST time with you guys on this session and I am BEYOND thrilled about your wedding day!!!! 2014 is going to be phenomenal! :D 
Kayla F

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