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You know when you meet two people and you think, "YES...they've got it right!" Well, thats exactly how I felt when I met Kendra and Greg. These oh man, they've got it. They are over the moon in love with each other, they are sincere, and they are just so genuine. Not to mention, they are super fun!!! Kendra is actually old college roommates with one of my FAV brides Katie (see Katie and Henry's wedding here) so I was thrilled when Kendra said she loved Katie's pictures and they wanted to book me! :insert BIG smile here:
Kendra and Greg actually live out near Murfreesboro, but decided to come into town and head out to Ijams Nature Center for their engagement pictures and I am thrilled they did! I've shot at Ijams before, but this time I wanted to find new and awesome places! I think I succeeded! I loved shooting there...LOVED it! 
Kendra and Greg actually met while working at Carmax and had to keep their relationship on the quiet for a they wanted to have some fun shots of them in their uniforms for the pictures. I thought this was adorable!!! 
 Kendra had the CUTEST style!!!! Loved her spring dress, cardigan and her awesome necklace! you see what I mean about being so sincere! They were the cutest and cuddliest couple EVER!!!!!

Something happened when Kendra and Greg changed clothes. It was like the first part of the session was practice for all this magic that started to happen. I sound so silly, but things just started to click! This is definitely one of the number one reasons why I HIGHLY suggest an engagement session. I figured out how they work best together and they were so comfortable with me. :D

 Yes...Yes...this is a tent. I died. Well, not really, but I did lay on the ground and just die over the pictures. It was amazing! I could have put 30 images of just the tent in here, but thought I would use some form of self control! ;)

Kendra and Greg, you two know how obsessed I am with you! Can you imagine how crazy I'm going to be at your wedding?!?! Squee!!!! I can't wait! :D
Kayla F

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