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 I am thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED to finally be blogging this beautiful Knoxville garden wedding!
Crystal and Karim were absolutely amazing. They fell into my lap thanks to the amazing Angie from Absolute Wedding Perfection (if you are looking for a coordinator and/or planner, please do yourself a favor and give her a call) and they were the icing on my cake for my 2013 season!

When I began talking to Crystal about her day (or should I say days...) I began to realize this wouldn't be one of my regular weddings. Karim and Crystal would actually be having their first ceremony and reception in Beirut, Lebanon with Karim's family and friends (as well as many from the States). I asked Crystal why she would also be having a ceremony and reception here in TN (they are currently living and working in NY) and her answer just made me love East TN even more. She said she's always dreamed of a garden wedding. Their wedding in Beirut was lovely and beautiful and full of fun surprises, but she wanted the wedding that she had in her mind. Getting married in Knoxville in a garden setting in a dress that she had picked out years ago! I love it.

Crystal and Karim were my first couple that I never met before the actual day of their wedding. I was SO nervous. I arrived to the venue 30 min before I even needed to be there for my normal "early" time. I paced around, took some detail shots, and waited anxiously for the bride, her sister and mother to arrive. Once I "met" Crystal, any nervousness and butterflies I had instantly went away. She was so down to Earth and funny that I felt like I just blended right in, which is always one of my #1 goals on a wedding day.

I'm going to stop rambling...and start sharing. Prepare...I couldn't stop adding images.

 Lets take a moment and fall in love with Crystal's dress. Vera Wang, frills, lace, tulle...can you seriously get anything better? Crystal loved her dress so much that she wore it for both her Beirut wedding and her Knoxville wedding. She said she just couldn't bare to buy another one when she loved this one soo much! So she changed up her accessories and hair and bam...a whole new dress!

 LOVE Karim's smile. He smiles with his eyes and I noticed every time he smiled, Crystal smiled right back. Contagious smiles are the best! :D

 Crystal told me that she and Karim have lived in many, many places, so to bring a little something from those places and have them at her wedding they decided to have wine and beer from all the areas they've lived. I just love when clients take small steps to make their wedding day more meaningful...even if it isn't shouted from the rooftops.

 The Knoxville Botanical Gardens never has a bad backdrop for a ceremony. I just LOVE this venue and the beauty that is naturally there. Crystal and Karim married in front of this STUNNING Magnolia tree with their guests below them. It was the best setup I've seen here.

 One of my absolute favorite first dance pictures I think I've ever taken.

Angie and her assistants did a beautiful job on the cocktail hour and reception decorations! This lounge was SO pretty and was a hit all night long! 


 An insane amount of reception pictures is about to'll understand why soon. They are epic.
 This wedding was full of incredibly feminine aspects (flowers, Crystal's dress, the centerpieces, etc) tagged with masculine touches like the shot glasses and liquor, cigar bar, and whiskey glasses. The perfect balance!

 My kangaroos! Crystal and Karim kept me cracking up ALL day long! I seriously have never laughed so hard at a wedding before! I heard my name being called while I was taking pictures (aka...dancing and taking pictures) and when I turned around Crystal and Karim were giving me this hilarious kangaroo pose. Love love LOVE them!

 How many weddings have you been to when the best man breaks out and decides to breathe fire?! Yea...I just about died!

 What a way to end the night...Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York".

Crystal and Karim, I cannot begin to tell you how much going back through these images just made my week! I loved everything about your wedding and am beyond thrilled that you asked me to be a part of it! Thank you for making me laugh all night and again today while writing this psot. You two are wonderful! And congrats on the munchkin!!! I can't wait to see pictures!
Kayla F

Wedding Day Magic:
Ceremony/Reception: Knoxville Botanical Gardens
Ceremony string duo: Dogwood String
Reception DJ: Ogle Entertainment/Special Notes
Florist: Echelon Florist
Caterer/Cake/Bartender: Rosa’s Catering
Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals
Officiant: Dr. Fred Patterson
Hair/makeup: Salon Barnes and Barnes
                              Wedding Coordinator: Absolute Wedding Perfection, Angie Froemel

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