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 One of the best first looks is about to happen. I had my camera on Greg the whole time and I just LOVE his range of emotions! So perfect!!!!

 Kendra and her dad are so stinking sweet! I didn't ask Mark to do anything, it was a simple "Hug your daughter bc she's getting married today!" and he turned to her and told her something so incredibly sweet! I don't know what he said, and I don't need to. Their emotions are worth it all!

 Greg and his mom, Sandi, were just as precious! I love when I ask parents to give their child a hug! It always gets the best response!

 Kendra and Greg chose Legacy Farms in Murfreesboro, TN for their big day! I have to say, this venue just absolutely knocked my socks off! They have many different "venues" on their property to have your ceremony and reception that fit in with many different styles. Not only that, but Rachel Ferrel who helped us along all day was just a gem to work with!

 These little kiddos totally get the cutest kiddo awards at a wedding. I mean...come on.

 There were SO many happy tears during this ceremony (and behind the camera). When Kendra and her father walked down the aisle, I had to tell myself to toughen up!

 I posted earlier this week how much I LOVE "after ceremony hugs". They are some of my favorite images from our wedding and they are always such a happy time of the day!

 This just epic! :)
 Former groom of mine, Henry (check out Henry and Katie's wedding here).

 I loved SO much about this day. Kendra and Greg were so incredibly in love with each other and making their day fun for everyone. I can honestly say that I have the BEST clients and I especially have a super soft spot in my heart for these two! :D 

Major thanks to my second shooter Leah Price of Leah Nicole Photography for being my helping hand! She grabbed some beautiful shots!
Kayla F

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I really love the shot of the bride putting on perfume.


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