Aaron & Chelsea | Engaged



I simply ADORE these two! I was thrilled when they told me they would love to have their engagement session somewhere that was special for them and that it would be at Aaron's family lake house. Lets just say, I immediately started imagining amazing things and it did not disappoint! Not only do I love Chelsea's fashion, but even better than that was the way Aaron was completely enthralled and in love with Chelsea! He made my job sooooo easy!

Aaron & Chelsea also have had the distinct pleasure (or lack thereof) of having their wedding date affected by the University of Tennessee football schedule. Oh yea. TN changed their opening football date (which pretty much runs the city) so Chelsea & Aaron made the decision to change up their date so their friends and family could still sport their Orange & White and NOT be running to any back rooms for play by plays! :) I love how they chose to share the news! (Pun totally intended)

I'm beyond excited for August 30th and can't wait to see how beautiful this wedding is going to be!!!

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