dana & michael {the day}


Their emotions were captivating. I knew I was going to FALL in love with Dana and Michael's big day from the get-go. Dana has probably the biggest heart of anyone I know and Michael is right there with her to match her every step! They are perfect for each other! And their day went by so smoothly; there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the weather was incredible, the flowers were so colorful and every single one of their guests was there to have the best time! This was my first wedding out at the beautiful Dara's Garden in Maryville and I loved every second of it! Its a lovely venue and it was definitely Dana's ideal choice for her big day!

Dana is a book lover like none other and used books as inspiration for their big day and helped showcase the natural beauty of Dara's Garden! Dana's beautiful bouquet was dreamed up by Echelon Florist as Dana said she wanted a "happy and colorful" bouquet. I think they nailed it! There are many things I love about this wedding, but by far my favorite part was watching Dana and Michael together. You can tell these two are just absolutely smitten with each other! I could have taken pictures of them all day...and I'm sure they would have loved to canoodled the whole time! Enjoy!



 Thank you, thank you Dana & Michael for asking me to be a part of your incredible day! 
Kayla F

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