Callie & Matt {first look}


I love when couples trust in me and make the decision to have the First Look be a part of their day! Let it be known, a first look isn't for everyone. I 100% understand this and never push it on my clients. However, there are many reasons why I will express my "sincere hope" that they really think about it.

In East TN especially, the Fall is one of the most beautiful times to get married and definitely the most popular time! The leaves are beautiful, there's less likely the chance for rain and, man, the weather is perfect and crisp! But the sun also tends to make a disappearance a little (or a LOT) earlier in the fall than in the earlier seasons of the year. If a couple of mine is getting married in the later parts of September - December, I usually will talk to them about the First Look and see if its even a thought to them! Many times, my couples haven't heard of a First Look or they have, but they are still unsure of what it all entails. I've even heard HORROR stories about first looks and how they are handled. Eeek. With me, first looks are private, quiet and as natural as possible. I love for the bride and groom to still feel the effects of seeing each other as the bride "walks down the aisle", which is normally how I set up the First Look. I also love to give the bride and groom time before the ceremony to be separate from each other; allow them time by themselves and to get excited and have those butterflies resurface again.

 Here is Callie and Matt's super sweet and pretty awesome First Look!

"Well, I must say I was apprehensive at first. I thought I wanted the more traditional option...him seeing me for the first time as I am walking down the aisle! I decided to go with the First Look because it worked with our wedding day timeline better and we did really want to see each other before the ceremony. The morning of the big day I felt super excited and relaxed! I knew we had made the right decision to do the First Look! Leading up to it, I had butterflies! I was so excited, I couldn't stand it! All of these months of hiding the dress and keeping it a secret had finally come to this moment! It was so wonderful and intimate to have those moments just the 2 of us before the ceremony. It was a feeling I will never ever forget, and to think I could have never had crazy!

We both agree that the First Look was perfect for us! It is such an intimate, special moment. It releases any nerves and tension for the rest of the day and it also helps your wedding timeline :) " Callie

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