dana & michael {the question}


Spring is FINALLY here and with that comes a wedding I have been SO super excited about! I will be traveling back to TN this coming weekend for Dana & Michael's Big Day at Dara's Garden and I couldn't more excited!!

I've known Dana for a few years through one of my best friends. She is such a sweet person, has a heart of GOLD and is just so tender and caring...and so funny! When I saw that Dana was engaged I couldn't have been happier for her. Skip forward to a couple of days and I received an email from Dana! Squee!!!! When I met Michael, everything just clicked. I knew from the moment I said "Hi" and gave him a hug that he and Dana were PERFECT for each other! We sat and chatted and they booked me on the spot! Lets just say, it was Heaven! :D

We immediately started planning their engagement session at Dara's Garden. Dana absolutely fell in love with the house and knew for a while that was where she wanted to have her wedding. I'd never been to Dara's before, but when I pulled up I saw why Dana loved it so much! It has so much charm and is so Southern you'd expect Sweet Tea to be in the creek! :) The weather was crazy East TN weather...there was a huge threat of a thunderstorm lurking in the distance so it was nice and hot, but we had a blast!

This weekend is going to be magical and I can't wait to share the yumminess I know is in store! :D

Kayla F

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