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December is my all-time favorite month! Everything amazing happens in December..or right before. Thanksgiving, mine & Rob's dating anniversary, Diesel's birthday, Rob's birthday, my birthday (we're a December family), Christmas...I think you get where I am going with this. So with that said, I have yet to have a session in December that I haven't been magically in love with. This session is absolutely no different! 

I was thrilled when Abby reached out to me and asked me to take pictures of her and her hubs! Abby is the crazy talented photographer behind Abby Elizabeth Photography and I was absolutely tickled when she told me she was wanting some winter/Christmas pictures!!! Yay! We headed out to where she and Ben got hitched even though it had been raining all day and didn't look promising to let up. Let me just say, I love the rain. Just LOVE the rain. Its such a calming factor and it always feels like it centers me. I'm not scared of it and I was SO excited when I got a text from Abby that said, "I just got an umbrella. Lets go for it!" She knows the way to my heart! 

Snuggle up with a blanket and maybe some hot cocoa...these are worth it!

Abby & Ben came with the perfect look for winter or Christmas pictures! RED, plaid, super happy photographer right here!!!

 Might I add that this was definitely my first time ever taking pictures of cats! :D

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