Big Day Sneak Peak


So I have been waiting and waiting to do this post! I couldn't help myself...I couldn't wait until I was done with this edit to show these puppies off! My first wedding was awesome! Megan and Josh were so awesome and fun and easy going! Not only was the sky rolling and threatening rain; no, that is an understatment. Not just rain...Crazy-East-Tennessee-There-Is-a-Tornado-About-to-Roll-Down-the-Road weather. It was immensly humid and windy and after being outside for about 15 min, we had had enough! But, before the ceremony started I was able to get some amazing shots! And one super happy, loving couple right after the vows! I love this job! :)

Now, I absolutely love solid bands. I think there is nothing classier than a simple, beautiful gold (or white gold) band! Just stunning! Especially on a brushed metal chair! :D

This crazy weather at least allowed me to get some killer shots...angry storm skies, oh how I love you for pictures!

And lastly, to an amazing couple...I couldn't have been more thrilled that you were my first couple...You will forever hold a super special place with me! I might force you to make babies so I can continue to take your pictures! :D

Make sure to check back for a full post of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan! I will be a busy bee getting these done! :)

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