Cards and Books Make Me Happy


Happy Saturday Everyone!! I am sitting here in my PJs sipping on some coffee and listening to some classic music with my love Robby...although the theme to ET just came on and I thought twice about it being "classical" music. But I digress! The real reason for this post is not to fill you in on my Saturday morning but to share my bundle of goodies that I have received this week! OOOOHHHH YES! The joys of being a photographer! The UPS website is now a bookmark on my browser. First up is my first album!!! I painstakingly spent hours...and hours, and hours on this album! It was my first so I had no clue what I was doing...I just did! And I have to say, I am now a pro at this :slightly sarcastic tone: and I really and sincerely can't wait for the next :completely serious tone:. I had so much fun and in the end I might have squealed when I opened the box! (Thankfully, only Diesel heard me and he thought I wanted to play)

Oh, I can hear them now... the "Oooohhhs" and "Aaahhhs".

Lookie!!! Go ahead! "Eeeehhhsss" "Oooohhhh"!! I know, right?!? :)

And to top it all off, I got to go pick up by business cards yesterday!!! HOORAY! I have been waiting for months to be able to go get these printed and boy am I excited to show them to you! Now, I in no way had any creative idea of what to do for my business card. So I called upon a champ! If you haven't gone over and looked at Kate Moore Creative you should just go ahead and migrate over there. Seriously, her stuff is AMAZING and she is a bundle of joy to work with. Even if you don't need her services for business...she makes a mean announcement...of any kind! Wedding, Party, etc. Just go...shoo. She made this process so incredibly easy! Plus, she totally challenged me in what I wanted to express as a photographer...which ended up being an extension of me. If you know me well at all, you know she captured every essence of me in my logo! Perfection (the logo, not me!) So off I went to Larry B Newman Printing Company to get these puppies printed. I died when I picked them up...yes, I just said that (Hello, Rachel Zoe). I died! I love them!!!

Well, I have run over my alloted blog time...and I have a wedding to go shoot! Oh, thats right...MY FIRST WEDDING by myself that is. Well, hello butterflies!


  1. love love love! Glad you are good at the albums, now you can help me! :)


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