Sebby Madness!!


So, I have to let it be said; I have a fantastic job...well, part time job! I seriously love taking pictures. I could get all warm and fuzzy and call it capturing moments, but lets just leave it simple. I love it! When Lei emailed me and said she wanted me to take Easter pics of Sebby, I was so excited! I mean it had been months (well, really only 3) since I had seen the little guy so I needed my Sebby fix! We were brainstorming on locations when we decided to go to Campbell Station Park; let me just say...this is one of my favorite parks now! It was super quiet (on a beautiful Easter Sunday) and the shade was amazing!!! (Yes, I just said the shade was amazing). I would highly recommend this park for anyone who is thinking about doing a session and doesn't want to have their pics taken in front of a boocoo amount of people. Anyway, on to this precious face that I love so much!

Yes, I know...I am so lucky!!

I must have said "He is so cute" or "He is so pretty" well over a hundred times! I just can't help it...he is!!!!! And he's sooo much fun! He loves the camera. It may be the fact that I'm behind it :) or it may be the fact that its a huge black object that continuously makes noise. Either way, I am happy he likes it!

Love his parents! They seriously are the best! I think he likes them too!

We ended on some sweet family pics! An hour tops and this is how we finish? With a giggling baby...yes, this is the best job ever!

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  1. Love Them!!!! Great pics of a Beautiful family!


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