Carson and his pup Rider


Making their debut on the blog are my BESTIE'S two little boys! Bekah and Bobby not only love their little puppers, Rider, just as much as Robby and I love Diesel (we aren't the only crazy dog people out there), but they love their little guy Carson about 1000x more! Carson is the sweetest, blondest, little blue eyed boy EVER! He was just a ball of energy and I was so happy to finally get him in front of my camera! Bekah started this session off by telling me it was supposed to be a surprise for her husband Bobby (so no sneak peak) and then after I posted the mini session sneaks on the evening of the session, I got a text from Bekah saying "I can't keep a secret. I already told Bobby! I am too excited about them!" LOL!!! LOVE IT!

I was SO excited to edit these and having my fingers crossed that I got some good ones of Carson. I've never had such an energetic little guy, so I was on my toes the whole time! Lol!

Love these pictures and I hope Bekah, Bobby, Carson and of course Rider do too! :D

 Awesome family!!!!

 Love that Carson is Rider's "Little Bro"
 This is one of my favorite images of Carson. I think it just captures the silly wonders of being a 2 year old...<3

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