Sebby's Two!!!


I am so SO far behind on posts that its kinda insane! I absolutely loved all of the sessions I had this summer, so I'm going to do a mega post as well as combine a couple of posts from repeat clients! Whoo hoo!!!

First up on the list is the Sebster (I think I will have a new name for him every time I see him). If you look WAY back in the posts, you will see where I was at this little guy's Baptism, and then his 6 months, 1 year and so on! I have literally watch this adorable little guy grow up in front of my camera! And one thing I didn't even realize (as pointed out by one of my besties, Bekah), YOU all have seen him grow up through my blog!!

I sincerely have to say that this is one of the sweetest and funniest families out there! Sebby absolutely cracks me up! I can't wait until I get to see him, Lei and Raimund again! Hopefully soon...maybe some TOT?!?!

So for Sebby's two year pictures, we decided to head out to Concord Park! The weather was absolutely beautiful and I was so excited for the shoot! WEll, it was a little bit early, and Sebby was a little bit on the quiet side so I thought it would be a brillant idea to go hang out on the playground (especially the swing set since I saw Sebby eyeing it). Oh Kayla...Sebby had such a great time on the swing set...that little Sebby didn't want to get off. Whoops! He was a total trooper and stuck it out with me as long as possible. Afterwards, he got all the swing set he wanted! Lol!!! I also met up with the Ganancials for my Fall Mini sessions that happend back in October! They were so stinking cute and a great way to start off the day! 

Ps....I absolutely LOVE this picture of Sebby. :D
 Sweetest family picture ever! <3
Come back tomorrow for round 2 of the Fall Mini Sessions! Bekah, Carson and Rider! 

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