Vaishali and Salt's: the question


I am so incredibly excited to share this next session. Vaishali and Salt are the sweetest, most sincere couple I have met in quite a while. The way Salt looks at Vaishali had me squealing and jumping around with excitement the entire session! I love seeing couple so incredibly in love and especially love having them in front of my camera! It makes my job SO easy...and FUN! :D

So Vaishali contacted me about doing her engagement session. She and Salt wanted to do it somewhere that meant a lot to them and Fall Creek Falls was perfect! This just so happened to be the spot that Salt proposed! AND not only did he propose here, but the day that worked the best for both of us just so happened to be their anniversary!!! Meant to be?? I think so! 

As we were driving up to Fall Creek Falls, I had to constantly tell myself to stop looking at the trees and concentrate on the road! The leaves were beautiful! Since we were up on the plateau, the leaves were about 2 weeks ahead of the leaves here in Knoxville and I swear they were ten times as vibrant! There wasn't a brown tree in sight! So mix in beautiful colors, Salt and Vaishali's outfits and some beautiful waterfalls and you get this amazing session! I couldn't be happier hope to see Vaishali and Salt soon! :D

 A little rain never hurt anyone...until it started to pour. Lol! 
 Probably one of my favorites of the session. I love how sincere they both are with each other! :D
 Salt lead Vaishali on a treasure hunt for his proposal. Vaishali had no idea and hoped that at the end there would be a picnic because she was so hungry! Love them!!!!

Vaishali and Salt! I can't even begin to tell you both how much fun I had with you two! You both rock and I hope to work with you guys so soon!!!! 
Kayla F

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