the westbrooks {biltmore winter session}


"Prepare Jeff to be lovey" I wrote. 
I have taken pictures of Jeff and Caitlin on two different occasions, but when Caitlin said that she wanted pictures of her and Jeff at the Biltmore, I was beyond excited!!! Jeff and Caitlin have the two CUTEST and sweetest English Bulldogs ever! I love taking pictures of those two hams, but having the chance to take pictures of just Jeff and Caitlin was something I was so so so excited to finally do! 

It was incredibly cold and windy the second day of the Biltmore Winter Sessions. So cold that I don't think my mittens came off my hands all day! That just means that the Westbrooks got to cuddle up that much more! :D Caitlin wrote me and told me that they were going to bring a sign with a quote on it from their favorite movie, Love Actually! They watch it every Christmas while they trim the tree. I think its the most perfect quote for them. "To me. You are Perfect." 


 I died when I found this little area on the Estate. I've never been to this spot before and I was giddy with having Jeff and Caitlin there!!!

Thank you so much Caitlin & Jeff!!! You are two amazing people and I'm so happy I have been able to capture your family and love again and again! :D
Kayla F

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