the roops {biltmore winter session}


This session is unbelievably close to my heart. This pair is just absolutely extraordinary. They have a wonderful story, the biggest hearts, they are SO much fun and make me laugh, and they are truly some of the most kind-hearted and loving people I've ever met. Bill is the talent and owner behind Bill Roop Photography and Sherry is his right hand lady! We met in a great little photographer group that I am a part of and have had small gatherings off and on throughout the year. They've been a huge part of my life through the last year, making dinner for me when Rob was here in California, watching Wipe Out (seriously, funniest show ever) and laughing so hard we cried, having lunches and just good talks. I was beyond excited when they asked to be a part of the Biltmore Winter Sessions!!! 

Lets just say, it absolutely POURED rain during Bill & Sherry's session. Entire.Session. But, they didn't let that stop them from having a fun and super sweet time! As I told just means they get to snuggle a LOT closer! :D 

Love love!

 Bill surprised Sherry with a Christmas present during the session. He had these super awesome jersey's made (albeit they are Michigan jerseys...tsk tsk) showing their 25 year marriage! Swoon!

Perfect day! 
Kayla F

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