megan & pete {san francisco photographer}


Megan is one of the best souls you'll meet. She is so effervescent and Pete is calm and collected. Ying and all good ways! I am lucky to call Megan a friend and colleague through photography. She is the awesome talent behind Break the Mold Photography and I was absolutely tickled when she asked me to take Christmas photos of her and Pete and their munchkin Simon!

Megan and Pete have this awesome tradition! They have photos taken at Christmas time every year by different photographers! What an awesome way to spread the love AND what a way to experience different photographers and different styles. I just loved the idea!

Megan is super crafty. I love crafting...but she is a rockstar. They made the adorable popcorn garland AND those are all actual presents that Megan brought out from under the Christmas tree! I tried my hand at Kraft paper wrapping and it looked rather sketchy. Lol! I had such a blast on this session and loved getting to spend the time capturing another photographer who I just love and admire so much through MY camera! :D

 LOVE these!!!! :D

SO happy I got to see you three over the holidays! Thank you again! I was so honored to take these images for you! :D
Kayla F

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