katie & robert {the question}


There is just way too much cuteness and sweetness in this session for me to NOT share! {As a precaution...I am ridiculously behind on blogging. And well, that's about to change!} I have known Katie for years! We went to middle and high school together and when she asked me to take her wedding photos I just about fell over. {I think my mouth stayed open for a solid 3 minutes}.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this little family! Robert and his daughter Hadley {as if there was any question, she looks just like her daddy} are two peas in a pod! You can just tell when you are around them that there is an incredible amount of love between those two! I felt so honored to be able to experience and capture Katie fitting right into their adorable family! Hadley was so silly and cute and sweet and just loved watching Katie and Robert have their picture taken. I'm not going to lie...she wanted to be in the pictures more than watch and I was SO happy for that! She was a little firecracker!

Katie and Robert decided to have their engagement session downtown and we were greeted by very chilly weather! But they were such champs! Robert did a very good job of keeping his girls warm! Snuggle up while peeking at these...they are so worth it! :D

A fav...I just love this one! :D

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