the ganancials {biltmore winter session}


This family...what is there to say? They were my FIRST paying client. Lei took a chance on me when it seemed absolutely no one would. I had never taken a picture for money before (unless I had someone WAY more experienced with me...and I was assisting) and she asked me to take pictures of Sebby's Christening. :pressure: But this family has stuck with me! Its Lei & Raimund who prompted the Biltmore Winter Sessions and I couldn't be more happy that they did! I'm ridiculously proud and in LOVE with these pictures.

A little backstory: I have taken pictures for this family for about the last 3 years. Yet I have NEVER taken a picture of just Lei & Raimund together. No Sebby...just the two of them. It had never happened. I noticed this during my first session. "Crap!" I thought to myself. I didn't get a picture of Lei & Raimund together, just the two of them. But soon I realized that thats just not how they roll. They are 100% a family of 3 and to not have Sebby in the picture seemed...odd. But little guy had a different plan during the Biltmore sessions. It was coooold to say the least. Once we were done taking our nice family pictures in front of the house we strapped Seb in his stroller and headed over to the Library Terrace. :mistake...or was it?: Sebby was so toasty and warm that he absolutely did not want to get out and away from the blanket. We tried...let me tell you. But it just wasn't going to happen. So I used this time and make it a couple shoot. There were plenty of giggles to start, but soon, man! I couldn't stop taking pictures! I stopped directing and just let them do what was natural. These pictures just capture my heart. :)


Obsessed. Seriously. 
Kayla F

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