blake & lauren {the question}


My heart is happiest when I not only get to share this passion, but especially when I get to share it with those I love. Blake & Lauren are a very, very big part of mine and Rob's life. Blake is Rob's best friend. Lauren and I torture them about their "bromance" but it is honestly one of the most sincere friendships I have ever witnessed. They would do anything for each other, so when Blake told Rob that he was going to propose to Lauren (because they can't keep any secrets from each other) I think I got just as excited as when Rob proposed to me. ;)

I was absolutely over the moon when Blake & Lauren took me up on my offer to shoot their engagement pictures. I was nervous...I mean butterflies in your belly, hand sweating while holding the camera nervous. I wanted them to have the best pictures I could possibly give them, not only as an engagement present, but because I know those will be images that they look back on for years!

I'm in LUST with these images! Ahhh, they honestly just make me super giddy! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect (it poured rain before the session and the Smokey Mountains totally lived up to their name) but backdrop was just to die for. I had never been to Cades' Cove before, but after this visit, I would be more than happy to go again and again!

 This image makes my heart skip. I feel like it should be my poster child of Kayla F Photography I love it so much!

 Lauren is the free bird in my life. She is whimsical, thoughtful, and incredibly down to Earth. When she walked over and started picking flowers I think I even called her my little flower child. She eventually stuck them in her hair and it couldn't have been more fitting.

Swoon! Seriously...

Lauren is such a beauty! I can't wait to see how stunning she is going to be at their wedding!

 We ended our session and on the way out of Cades' Cove we met this Momma and her adorable 3 (yes THREE) cubs! East TN never disappoints!
July can't get here fast enough! Rob and I are more than excited to celebrate and enjoy their wedding festivities...tears will definitely be shed (at least by Rob and Blake). :) 
Kayla F


  1. Beautiful photos! Wonderful work of capturing the moments. I'm sure they will treasure these always.


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