Hollis 2 Years


This little guy has eye for days and is one of the sweetet heartbreakers out there! Hollis' momma is one of my favorite people and I am absolutely THRILLED she asked me to take his 2 year pictures! Kate (from Kate Moore Creative) had the cutest idea to just have Hollis is his blue jeans (rolled up none-the-less), sandals and his hat. Talk about such a little country boy!! Ahhh! I just love it!
Introducing "Lamby"

 Ahhh! My favorite from the day! Just love it!
 Mr. Hollis realized that we were basically walking on a plethora of rocks, sticks and dirt...what country boy wouldn't want to pick them up and put them in his pocket?!

 So so so happy that I had the honor to snap these images for you Kate!!! 
If you guys are interested in fun and creative prints for your home, check out Kate's Etsy shop LiveLoveStudio or if you are wanting some handmade knitted loveliness check out her OTHER Etsy shop, WildandWondrous.
She is crazy talented! :D
Kayla F

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  1. you rock my socks off!!! THE BEST, you are my dear :) thank you!!


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