Emily & Blake {the question}


"Quintessential Knoxville" is what she asked for, and Quintessential Knoxville is exactly what she got! :D Emily & Blake are not originally from Knoxville, but have fallen in love with the city as most do when they go to the University of Tennessee! I loved listening to Emily talk about how much of a die-hard Volunteer fans her and Blake are (Emily worked for the football team while going to school) and knew that we had to start this session off down at Neyland Stadium! We were totally bummed that the field was closed, but decided to tromp around and we discovered the backside of the stadium. The area all of us alumni are familiar with...the student entrances! What could be a more perfect spot to start the session off? 

 I finally got Blake to loosen up a bit and to see Emily blush like she did was just the cutest moment ever!

 Oh Emily, you are going to be a stunning bride!

I am beyond excited to see Blake & Emily's wedding day and all the hard work I know Emily has put into it!!! Can't wait to see your amazing pictures you two! 
Kayla F

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